Forge Adour un éco projet

The Eco-project - Design and Sustainable Development

Forge Adour has incorporated eco- design principles already at the development stage of its new collections. The company maintains a sustainable commitment and applied the methodology of the Simplified life cycle analysis, particularly relevant in such an approach. This approach allowed a global consideration of the environment at each stage of the product's life.

The criterion of energy efficiency is also important. Compared to the previous collections of the same family, new collections of Plancha will allow an average of 30% of energy saving. This saving is achieved by the implementation of a double wall on the chassis, coupled with new, more efficient burners. This procedure allows a better restitution of the heat.

Moreover, Forge Adour has put at the heart of the process, the quality, durability and non-obsolescence of its products. All of its collections can be repaired and the warranty period has been increased up to 15 years on the entire product. On the other hand, the three-layer coating allows a better control of the waste management on the production line.

The packaging and cleaning products are in the same way part of the company's commitment. The packaging uses the cardboard from sustainable managed forests, is designed to better protect the product during transport and optimize the storage. Cleaning products, from plant sources, were selected for their efficiency and respect for nature. Finally, the communication documents are printed by a printer selected geographically close to the company and labelled Green Print.

Forge Adour is fully aware of the importance of environmental issues, a major challenge for future generations.