Report from Itxassou in a rustic inn called Haraneko Borda

Haraneko Borda is a rustic inn where people can go to taste the agricultural biodiversity of the Basque Country. What better place to illustrate the Forge Adour spirit of “Bordering on the indispensable”?

The essential begins with envisaging the possibility of first getting lost: an appetite-whetting experience enhanced when finally arriving at this truly magical place and being invited by the master of the house, Christian Aguerre, to discover the virtues of local food ecology. Locavores can relish the products from Christian’s farm and other neighbouring farms which have all been transformed from local breeds and varieties. The only exception to the “zero-kilometre” rule is the fish caught by the “sea farmers” in their traditional line fishing boats sailing out of Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

At the cooking range is Antoine Chépy: a man passionate about produce obtained from smallholder farming. We followed him, wicker basket on his arm, into the vegetable garden. Having the freshest of fresh vegetables and herbs at his fingertips is surely the most advantageous of rewards and one that we took full advantage of when we followed him back to the inn. Antoine lit up the Modern plancha and the culinary fireworks began: a food experience like no place else on earth…